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Albania is blessed with natural beauty and abundant resources. Pelikan Energy is embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainable energy adding a solar park near the picturesque Karavasta Lagoon. This groundbreaking project represents a significant leap towards mitigating climate change, powering local homes, industries, and communities while preserving the region's natural ecosystems and Albanian energy security.

Situated near the Karavasta Lagoon, a coastal gem known for its biodiversity and environmental importance, Pelikan's solar farm embodies a harmonious blend of clean energy generation and environmental conservation. The strategic location harnesses ample sunlight, utilizing the vast expanse of land adjacent to the lagoon to generate renewable electricity.


This project is a testament to Albania's commitment to combating climate change while preserving its natural heritage, while strengthening the American-Albanian bilateral relationship. 


Key Features and Objectives:


Pelikan Park is envisioned as a state-of-the-art facility designed to maximize solar energy production while minimizing its ecological footprint. Key features and objectives include:

  1. Solar Panel Arrays: Utilizing cutting-edge solar panel technology, the park will feature an array of photovoltaic panels strategically positioned to capture sunlight efficiently throughout the day.

  2. Sustainable Design: The project prioritizes sustainable design principles, incorporating eco-friendly construction methods and materials to minimize environmental impact.

  3. Capacity and Output: With an estimated capacity to generate 140 MW, the plant aims to contribute significantly to Albania's renewable energy targets, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions.

  4. Environmental Conservation: The project's design incorporates measures to preserve the surrounding ecosystem, ensuring minimal disruption to wildlife habitats and the natural balance of the Karavasta Lagoon.

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